Who is Franciscangypsy?


I’m Batman.



I wish. Actually, his life would suck. In reality, I’m a nightshift RN and spend my time knitting & crocheting as a stress relief as well as a way to fight the sleepies.

I first tried to learn to crochet in grade school when my Mom tried to teach me and my sister, but she lost her patience and gave up on us. In high school, I bought a crochet book and taught myself enough crochet to make myself an utterly horrible purple vest that I was ridiculously proud of. The vest has since met a merciful demise.

In college, I decided to take up crocheting again when my Mom made me a beautiful blanket for my dorm bed. I would make her a blanket for once. The project never got done and was frogged and restarted multiple times over college years as well as two years post-college. After that point, resurrection was deemed to be unnecessary torture for all involved. The project and other attempts to make Mom a blanket have convinced me that I hate making blankets.

I started knitting in Christmas of 2011 and am loving it, especially when it comes to knitting wearables.

As of August 2014, I am also now a toy designer. My preference is crocheted toys, but we’ll see what the future holds!

God Bless,